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Are catalytic converters worth money?

Yes. The material inside, though small and requires very involved separation process, is valuable on the metals market. These metals are in a powder form which has been intensely embedded into another material. After these metals have been scientifically separated and refined, they can be sold at the constant fluctuating market prices.

Can I take my catalytic converter apart?

No is our recommendation. The materials inside can be very dangerous to human respiratory systems. Breathing the materials inside a converter is very unhealthy. Professional converter recycling companies use very involved safety equipment to dissect the various metals. It is better to sell the catalytic converter to a Recycling Center.

How much are catalytic converters worth?

Each converter is worth money and cash. Each type of converter will vary in its value by size, age, type and current market prices which change daily.

Does your car stall out?

check the catalytic converter. If pressure is backed up and not allowed to pass the converter, the engine can stall out. The converter most likely needs replaced. You can recycle the clogged converter for cash.

I heard there is gold inside a converter. Is there?

No. There are three basic metal elements embedded in the cone of the converter. Platinum is the main precious metal that can be scientifically processed out of the catalytic core.

Hear a strange noise under the car?

Older converters use pellets that can rattle if damaged. However, new converters can also crack inside causing a strange rattle sound. Recycle the damaged catalytic converter.

Do converters last forever?

No, they can wear out. The substrate inside can melt down and turn into a solid mass. This will usually clog the exhaust system. If you are not feeling much output 'wind' from the exhaust pipe, then there is a possible chance that the exhaust system is clogged by the catalytic converter.

Is it legal to dismantle catalytic converters?

It is dangerous to dismantle catalytic converters. The exhaust fumes and metallic powders should never be breathed. It is not illegal, but it is dangerous. Always sell to a professional recycle center like Davis Recycle Inc.

My car smells at startup. Is the converter broken?

Probably not. Converters only work once heated. When you start a car the fuel is rich, possibly unburnt, and it will allow peculiar smells or visual smoke until the converter heats from the heated burnt fuel. If a very hot smell remains, it could be an overheated cat. Have it checked.

Can I cut my converter off?

It is illegal to run the car without a catalytic converter due to national and state laws. However, if the car is not used, the damaged converter can be cut for recycling. Always replace a new converter to the vehicle before driving. Laws are very strict for illegal converter removing.

Can I bring you the whole converter?

Yes. That is always the best way. It is safer not to open the catalytic converter.

Can converters catch fire?

The main fire possibility is parking in dry grass or foliage when the converter is still very hot. The tall grass, especially if dry, can catch fire if the catalytic converter is touching it. The CAT itself will rarely catch fire. However, if there is a problem such as fresh fuel entering the CAT, it can become red hot. Always make sure the vehicle is properly tuned and always be careful where the vehicle is parked.

Can I put any catalytic converter on my car?

No. Each car uses a specific converter for that model of vehicle.

I'm having a new converter put on my car. Can I keep my old one and bring it to you?

Yes. Be sure to tell your shop you want your old converter. There could be a price adjustment for the new one, but usually not.

Where is the catalytic converter on the car?

The converter is located around mid section of the exhaust system. It is connected to the long tube that runs from the motor to the muffler then exhaust pipe. It looks a little like a small muffler. Some vehicles have more than one. Be careful when looking for it. The exhaust system is very hot after the vehicle motor has been running.

Somebody told me to cut my converter off and I'd get better gas mileage.

It is illegal to drive a car without the catalytic converter installed. There are many great ways to improve gas mileage, but we completely recommend you NOT adding a cut converter to the list.

I've been getting old converters but have no idea how to sell them.

Please call us. We specialize in buying old/used catalytic converters for cash. We'll tell you how to ship or we may be able to pick them up and purchase them from you direct.

My muffler is bad, do I need to get a new converter?

No, Yes. The muffler is completely different than the catalytic converter. Always use a reliable mechanic to check the converter air flow if you are having a muffler inspected. If the air flow is very small, the converter could be clogged and need replaced. Keep your old converter and sell it to be recycled.

I'm junking my car. Should I keep the converter?

That is your decision, but we suggest you cut it off and we'll buy it for cash.

My car stills smells like exhaust when I start it. Is my converter no good?

It takes awhile for a converter to heat up and start working at full efficiency. You may be smelling natural exhaust or another problem with your engine.

Do you only buy used converters off American cars?

We are located in the United States of America and we accept any type of catalytic converter off any type of vehicle.