How To Sell Your Converter

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Shipping Information

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Remove converter

Remove the catalytic converter from your vehicle. Video here. Do NOT open the converter, keep it intact.


Take a picture

Use your phone to take a picture. If you can read the serial number, that makes it easier.


Prep for shipping

Trim the pipe, include your information in the box.


Ship the converter

Ship the converter to Davis Recycling within seven (7) days.

How to remove your converter

Watch this video tutorial

The removal process of your catalytic converter will vary depending on your make and model and depends greatly on accessibility and clearance underneath your vehicle.

Take a picture

Use your smartphone to capture the serial number

Make sure that the serial number is clearly legible when taking pictures of your converter.

Serial example

Trim the pipe

Before shipping trim excess pipe

Cut excess pipe from your converter but do not open or cut the actual converter. If you have any questions, contact us before cutting. You can use a hacksaw or and electric saw to cut the 'Pipe' in front and in back of the converter casing. You can also cut the pipe with strong hydraulic or electric metal cutters.

Trim converter

Ship the converter

Make sure to include the following

  • Personal contact information & address
  • Print quote from Davis Recycling
  • Ship using UPS | FEDEX | USPS
Ship converter